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Not all Sommit Labradors restrict their activites to the retrieving sports.

We are very proud of these dogs and their owners who have shown their dogs to be so adaptable.


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Sue Sommer
Linda Waco

Maggie Sommer and Dingo go to prison in Arizona, to help inmates rehabilitate.

Maggie and dingo


Dingo is a Delta Certified Therapy Dog

Bliss and Mary

Mary and Bliss are working members of the Canine Therapy Corp in Chicago.

Bliss also earned her CDX with wins at the LRC specialty in Oct 12.

Susan Hager and Mattie (Barbie x Remy puppy)

Sue and Mattie

This is an amazing team. Read their story


Bud is a year-round sled dog, as well as an excellent hunting companion. This wonderful guy went to Doggy Heaven Jan 2009.

Maya B Library

Maya Butzen participates in a children's reading program at the local library.

Dean with Sox Hat

Dean is a Chenny Troupe therapy dog and Sox Fan

Mollie Warren

Mollie and her owner are professional Goose Busters,

guide hunting trips and compete in "leaping dog" contests.

Mollie bus card

Sommit Labradors has donated 3 puppies to the Morris Service Dog program. This organization has shown what our wonderful dogs can do to help people. They also participate in a prison inmate puppy raising program.

Morris Service Dog

Morris Service Dog Party Dec 2004

Morris Service Dog

Several of our dogs are super-models and appear in magazine ads,catalogues and even TV commercials. Here are Maya and Maggie in and REI catalogues.



Maggie B model


Pekoe Kurz has done it all: Champion Tracker Title, Utility Dog Obedience Title, Junior Hunter Title, trained therapy dog, and of course, beloved family pet.

Pekoe dishwasher

Oh, and kitchen helper.

Cocoanut works hard "modeling" this x-pen for

Cocoanut Xpen

Congratulations to Al and Sweetie, Earning RE Title

see the newspaper article about their Therapy Dog Work

Sweetie RA


Gunner models monkey Jan 2010

Gunner models with a toy monkey for LTD, Jan 2010


Lexi x Debit Pups model a blanket for LTD Fall '09

Lexi pups

Lexi pup



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